Some Tips on Talking By Phone With A New Woman

talking to women on phone
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Perhaps, you find a perfect woman from social media website and you have a lot of time to chat but not to talk. Here, you can actually call her by phone and ask for her phone number to get closer each other. But, talking can be more difficult than typing so you need to be smart to answer and talk to her. You can consider several tips below when you call a woman that you find from online social media.

  1. Think about what you want to discuss on the phone before you call her because this will be your first call and you do not know each other yet. You can actually find info on her profile on social media and you can talk about it later on the phone. But, you do not need to ask too many questions because it will make her uncomfortable in the first call.
  2. You should never ask whether she is looking for other guys too or act like you are interrogating her by asking so many suspicious questions. In the first call, you need to build trust each other so you do not need to ask sensitive questions. Just be relaxed and ask something important.
  3. You can give some compliments to her but do not be too excessive. It can be a good idea to give some compliments, but when she notices that you want to win her over, and then it will only ruin the situation. So, you have to control yourself and talk to her comfortably. It must be done slowly because you still have another time to call her again.

Commonly, the women will ask so many questions about you and your profile, so you have to take it. You do not need to be upset when hearing some strange questions. It is all because she wants to know more about you. If she thinks that you are appropriate, then she will continue this relationship. A good talk via phone can be noticed from the duration of the conversation. When the call runs more than one hour, then it can be a good time for you to ask her to meet and go out. Well, she must agree with your invitation.

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