7 Steps On How To Save A Relationship

spouse relationshipRelationships are just like any other living creature, they are born and they need to be nurtured then they grow up and become stable and mature in nature, but they still need to be taken care of and fed all the time. When this doesn’t happen, a relationship could fall ill and even die. In this article we describe the 7 steps on how to save a relationship.

1)  Is your relationship worth saving?

Ask if your relationship is worth saving? Some people think that they should be left in a bad relationship because of the children while they get very hurt being raised up between 2 parents who hate each other. You should make sure that your relationship is worth saving on its own.

2) Make the commitment

Once you have decided to save your relationship, you must make the commitment. It is going to be hard work and effort. You need to give it the time and the effort. Take time off and plan to have a talk with your partner.

3) Understand the core problem

understand the core problemMany people misunderstand the problem that their relationship is facing. Instead, they get trapped in dealing with the symptoms. Having an affair or a spouse who spends time watching porn is not the real core of the problem, but could the symptom of the lack of intimacy. A spouse, who is keeping secrets and doesn’t communicate, could be someone who doesn’t trust their partner. Dealing with the main problem is the main key to save your relationship.

4) Ask yourself if you are doing it wrong

Have you grown distant and less caring? Maybe you used to remember what your spouse used to like but not anymore. Are you paying attention to your spouse’s needs? Are you listening to them even when they are not speaking? Being in a real relationship doesn’t mean that you take the other partner for granted.

5) Give it the time

Make sure that you devote the time to talk to your partner about your relationship. Make sure that you are both comfortable and relaxed to talk openly. Hold your partner’s hand and show them that you are willing to reconnect.

6) Show that you understand

It takes two to tango, so if you are under the impression or planning to imply that everything is your spouse’s problem, then you are way off finding a solution for your problems. Show appreciation and make them feel that you understand what they do. Some husbands feel frustrated that their wives are giving their full attention to children while wives feel that all the kids’ issues are draining them. It is very important to show your spouse that what they do is highly appreciated and that they are good enough.

7) Understand that it is not all rainbows and butterflies

rainbows and butterfliesOnce you have decided to sit down to talk to your spouse, you have to know that it is not going to be all laughs and giggles. There will be some tears and tantrums. Remember that you are trying to save your relationship so this means that yours is already in a bad situation. If you have decided that your relationship is worth saving, then you should give it all the effort needed.