How to Get the One You Love

you fell in love
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So you fell in love with someone but they don’t love you back. How can you get that person you’re so madly in love with to reciprocate your love, to love you back? Well, all you have to do is picture it.Love is about your heart and mind. If you are able to keep your heart and mind healthy and in good condition, you can have all the love you want in this world and nothing will be able to stop you.

Visualize it. Let the image of your heart come into your head. It can be a biological image or one that resembles a Valentine’s Day heart. But just picture your heart; that’s all that matters. Now begin to speak with your heart. Ask it about how it’s feeling today. Is it sad because it can’t find love? Does it feel disappointed because while everyone falls in love and gets married, it’s not finding love? Does it feel lonely and alone? Listen to your heart and what’s it’s trying to tell you, and then assure it that you are not resting on your oars; that you are trying and really determined to make it happy.

Now, what is the state of your heart? Is it sad? Does it feel youthful? Does it look healthy? Is it torn between two decisions? Is it wounded and needs healing? You have everything you need to make your heart feel better; use them. Tell your heart that things will get better, that it will find that love, that the love that has gone on un-reciprocated for a while will turn around to love it right back.

If your heart feels healthy and alive, then fill it with more happiness, with so much happiness that bit overflows. Fill it up with light too. Imagine that there’s a light shining into your heart and trying to lighten up every dark corner in your heart, accept the light. Your light does not only look and feel healthy now; it even sounds healthy.

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Now, picture the person you love in your mind. Picture yourself talking to them. Picture yourself at ease while you stand before them. You are not scared at all. You are not looking at your feet at all. You are not wishing the ground would swallow you at all. You are simply standing in front of them, pouring out your heart. Now, picture them smiling. Picture them saying yes to you. Picture them telling you they feel the same way. That’s the thing about love and reciprocation. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.