Who Should Pay For Our Date?

who should pay for dating
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Since the beginning of time (or at least since the beginnings of capitalism and the use of money), the assumption that men should always be the ones to pay for the date have persisted even to modern times. However, it’s an assumption that, upon observation in modern times, might strike some as sexist and even demeaning. In which case, it’s definitely a question worth asking. You definitely want to leave a horrid first impression on your date.

It’s pretty much the same for the guy – he might end up feeling annoyed she didn’t try to chip in, she might be slightly bothered that he didn’t let her pay in part. It’s an early financial crossroads that could be the determining factor for the second date. Here’s how to handle it:

Men: Offer To Take The Lead

For now, you should live with the assumption that she has the same mindset as you and offer to pay for the first tab. This is regardless of whether or not the male is the higher income earner of the duo, since it’s something both men and women in society have come to accept and live within the past.

What About The Women?

Going by a recent survey, almost 90% of women are offended if a guy doesn’t offer to pay the bill. It found that 63% of women expect the man to offer to pay the bill first, while another 39% of women interviewed, who had initially offered to pay for the bill had actually secretly hoped the man wouldn’t let him pay. Additionally, another 44% said they were annoyed when they were asked to help pay the bill. Sorry guys, the numbers don’t lie – just pick up the check and pay the bill.

Women, Don’t Get Offended

The tradition stems from the olden days when men paid for women’s food because, generally speaking, women didn’t have the means to do so themselves. However, you shouldn’t view this as the remains of the older days of society, an act of oppression on women. Of course, things have changed a lot since then, but you should understand that he’s not trying to offend you and certainly doesn’t approve of female oppression. He’s just practicing what’s considered by society as polite and is instinctively appropriate at the moment.

Isn’t There Any Way Out Of It?

Nice try, gents, but there’s no running away from it for the fellas. However, for women, the situation is slightly different, for instance, she decides five minutes in that the relationship has absolutely no future and you’re not worth her time (ouch). There isn’t a clear consensus on this as of yet, but most experts agree that if she insists to pay for half of the tab, it’s a clear indication that things didn’t go well and you’re not open for a second date.

Understand What Women Inside Women

women inside womenIt can be a complicated thing to do when dealing with looking for in a woman. You need to be motivated but you should not give up on this. Actually, finding a correct woman can be really easy if you know the best way to find it.

You can start with being open minded and you should not care about what other people say about you. You need to ignore everything and just focus on what you are really looking for. You must find a proper woman who can accept your condition.

understand womenOf course, you will be needing time to find out the correct woman as you wish. It is all about personality, not only about physical appearance. You have to know her personality, ambition, interest, and much more. Perhaps, you put an appearance on the first level, and then you need to look for a woman who has a good appearance.

However, you may ignore when you do not think that appearance is so important. Perhaps, you prefer a woman who has a different personality or who has different and unique hobbies. It is also undeniable that intelligence, ambition, sense of humor can be a great influence if we compare it with appearance.

Why Flaky Women And Dating Seldom Works

Dating A Flaky womenFlaky women are a bad idea. Don’t question the logic, and as soon as you see the skin peeling away from her face and her true self reveals its ugly self, run for the hills. Do everything you can and end it before the inevitable happens.

Worst case scenario, you’re already in love with her and there’s nothing more you can do. You’ll just have to endure it to the very end. It doesn’t always end – there’s the rare exception, but they are quite rare indeed. Are you willing to take your chances?

Here are three solid reasons you should never be brave (read: stupid) enough to take your chances with flaky women.

1) It Will Always End In Disaster

Love Disaster
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You may not see it now but as soon as she starts flipping out for no reason and distancing herself, just know the process has begun. Once she says she needs some space and doesn’t seem to get back to normal, she’s past redemption. If you’ve tried all you can and are still nowhere, just let it go. There’s only so much a man can endure.

2) She Doesn’t Have Feelings For You

Love Feelings
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Flaking isn’t so easy to read, in truth, but six out of ten times it means she’s just afraid of hurting your feelings without actually telling you. Women are only human, and are far more perceptive to emotions than men. Save for the once in a while jezebel, the average woman is afraid of hurting man’s feelings, so she’ll just cancel on you last minute instead.

3) She Simply Lost Interest

So you went to a bar, waited it out and decided to call her after a week? In bird culture, that’s what’s called a ‘dick move’. Unless you totally hit it off like what I imagine Angelina and Brad did (before the whole fiasco, that is), there’s little to no chance she’ll even remember you.

If you’re really interested, stop playing games, be a man and call her, otherwise, the message should be clear – ‘I have things to do, you’re not worth my time’.

It’s Not All Bad News

Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining if you’re bothered enough to look, the old saying goes. In the event of a major catastrophe like coming across a flaky woman, there’s nothing to be gained but at least you can learn something from it.

Lessons Learnt From Decades Of Dating Flaky Women

1) Be cool, but not too cool, because then you’re just cold. Don’t be overeager to show her how much you want her. Show her the opening act, create suspense and keep making her want more.

2) Once she’s flaked more than twice, get the memo. Move the hell on.

3) There’s great women out there. Don’t whine about how flaky she is (you were warned, after all), just keep playing the gentleman’s game.

Lying in Some Certain Situations

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Sometimes, lying can be really important and most of the men and women often lie to some extent. However, sometimes they do not know that they are lying and they do it in different ways. All of the people want to have honest partners. Well, it is only a wish but actually, no one can build a relationship if they always tell the truth. There are so many examples of lying that you have ever done. You may not have a clean house but when you invite your girlfriend, then you say that you always clean it up to make her impressed. This is a lie but it is not a big lie and sometimes it is important so that your girlfriend does not underestimate about you. Maybe, she will give a bad respond to your effort but you do not need to take it seriously.

Another example is when you kiss each other accidentally and then you start to make a joke and talk about your penis size. Well, she said that the size does not really matter, but she actually lies to you because she needs a bigger penis. Saying a little lie may not be a big deal, but when you lie over and over, and then it can bring a disaster. So, you need to make sure that you do not lie too much. In fact, lying also has some techniques. If you think that lying can make your partner happy, then you must learn how to lie correctly.

1) Don’t talk about your good sexual past experience. Sometimes, your girlfriend will ask you about your ex and she actually wants you to say bad things about your ex. So, when she asks it, then you must lie and make sure that your ex is not better than your girlfriend now. You also need to answer spontaneously and do not show that you are lying.

2) Maybe, she will also ask about her appearance and you need to give an opinion. Your girlfriend may not look so good or not too beautiful, but when she asks about it, you must tell her that she is the most beautiful one in the world. You must say it with full of confidence despite your heart says the opposite. You must give a lot of compliment to her to make her happy. Never tell something that you do not like from her because it will make her hopeless and down.

3) Everybody knows that women are too sensitive and as a man, you need to know about her and you should not make a bad joke about her and her family. Though you have something to disagree with her, and then you must keep it as a secret and try to lie to her to make her happy. She is not like a man who does not care about what other people talk about him. Most of the women cannot accept the reality and they will be down when they know something bad about her.

Well, lying is actually not a good thing, but sometimes it is really important when it really brings goodness, especially in a relationship. Moreover, it also depends on the lying level that you say. If it is just a little lie, then it may not give any effects at all but you should not lie forever.