Online Dating Saga

online datingDating is the most beautiful and age old way of describing one’s personal desires of longing for a human contact. The communication sought for this longing has not started today with technology but is ages back from 1970s.

Earlier Shepherds use to carve their desires in barks of trees. They used to use it for communication about their desires to the opposite sex or sometimes same sex. Sooner as the man progressed, there were people who would work as middlemen for those who were looking for companionship, sex or commitment.

As soon as newspapers arrived, in around 1690s, personal ads of bachelors seeking wives came into the picture. This could be termed as another tool for communication for those who are seeking for love and companionship. The very early ad read something like this- in search of some good young gentlewoman that has a fortune of £3,000 or thereabouts.” If we actually look at this Ad, we can understand that this gentleman was shamelessly seeking for his very own SugarMomma!

The evolution of man further brought him to space where Voyager 1s Golden Record which had a full kiss recorded along with the message which said – “Lonely humans seek extraterrestrial lifeforms in Milky Way or nearby. Open to all body types.” So, with this we can understand that how desperate humans have been to communicate their desires of longing with a physical contact.

When homosexuality was banned in early days, it was very difficult as those who found in the act were sentenced to death. Fear of these punishments, lead to development coded words, female names, and other signals to privately express their vulnerability and find love amongst rebels.

Though this slowly encouraged the tradition of dating, there were times where people faked about their personalities. Along with this, ads related to escorts also came into the picture which are still seen today. In the earlier days, ads showcasing women’s desires were no less than a delusion. A miser woman in the early 90s convinced the editor of one of the newspapers to publish an ad communicating her desires which made her end in an insane asylum. So, we can see how men have been always dominating the dating world.

Later or sooner, as computers arrived, initially people used to express their desires or their thoughts with their pen pals, these were those who would write to each other compulsory. But then this was a long and time taking procedure. The computer dating services though initiated long back in 70s, its real utilization or you can a super extended utilization can be seen in today’s era.

So, for those who are thinking that online dating has started some 10, 20 years back then, I guess, they haven’t visited the pages of history. Craigslist, Prodigy and American Online were some of the online sites in 70s which provided chat rooms and classifieds for singles seeking for love and companionship. The website known as was founded in 1995 and in 2007 this online dating industry was ranked as the 2nd most top industry for paid content.

Coming to 2010, online dating evolved in such a rapid way that every city, religion, state, hobby, gender and people from almost every race were using online dating to find their perfect match. Sometime back, in around 2002, a magazine stated that people will look for love only on online dating sites 20 years later and those who would not search it online would be termed to be as silly persons who believed that right books are found by accident.

For sure, online dating provides security for one can freely express about what they are seeking for in their partner. Along with that the removal of middlemen has also been another factor when sometimes, lies of middlemen enforced some partners to live the miserable life forever.

As we are evolving day by day, the maturity which we show up while looking for a date online while describing our desires have led us to be more open in the relationships, eliminating any bitterness which can incur in future. Along with this, the risk of potential harm to one’s vulnerability and desire for love is equally present. One has to be alert as all potential matches cannot be as good as they portray it. Thank you for your time.

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