Lying in Some Certain Situations

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Sometimes, lying can be really important and most of the men and women often lie to some extent. However, sometimes they do not know that they are lying and they do it in different ways. All of the people want to have honest partners. Well, it is only a wish but actually, no one can build a relationship if they always tell the truth. There are so many examples of lying that you have ever done. You may not have a clean house but when you invite your girlfriend, then you say that you always clean it up to make her impressed. This is a lie but it is not a big lie and sometimes it is important so that your girlfriend does not underestimate about you. Maybe, she will give a bad respond to your effort but you do not need to take it seriously.

Another example is when you kiss each other accidentally and then you start to make a joke and talk about your penis size. Well, she said that the size does not really matter, but she actually lies to you because she needs a bigger penis. Saying a little lie may not be a big deal, but when you lie over and over, and then it can bring a disaster. So, you need to make sure that you do not lie too much. In fact, lying also has some techniques. If you think that lying can make your partner happy, then you must learn how to lie correctly.

1) Don’t talk about your good sexual past experience. Sometimes, your girlfriend will ask you about your ex and she actually wants you to say bad things about your ex. So, when she asks it, then you must lie and make sure that your ex is not better than your girlfriend now. You also need to answer spontaneously and do not show that you are lying.

2) Maybe, she will also ask about her appearance and you need to give an opinion. Your girlfriend may not look so good or not too beautiful, but when she asks about it, you must tell her that she is the most beautiful one in the world. You must say it with full of confidence despite your heart says the opposite. You must give a lot of compliment to her to make her happy. Never tell something that you do not like from her because it will make her hopeless and down.

3) Everybody knows that women are too sensitive and as a man, you need to know about her and you should not make a bad joke about her and her family. Though you have something to disagree with her, and then you must keep it as a secret and try to lie to her to make her happy. She is not like a man who does not care about what other people talk about him. Most of the women cannot accept the reality and they will be down when they know something bad about her.

Well, lying is actually not a good thing, but sometimes it is really important when it really brings goodness, especially in a relationship. Moreover, it also depends on the lying level that you say. If it is just a little lie, then it may not give any effects at all but you should not lie forever.

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