Why Flaky Women And Dating Seldom Works

Dating A Flaky womenFlaky women are a bad idea. Don’t question the logic, and as soon as you see the skin peeling away from her face and her true self reveals its ugly self, run for the hills. Do everything you can and end it before the inevitable happens.

Worst case scenario, you’re already in love with her and there’s nothing more you can do. You’ll just have to endure it to the very end. It doesn’t always end – there’s the rare exception, but they are quite rare indeed. Are you willing to take your chances?

Here are three solid reasons you should never be brave (read: stupid) enough to take your chances with flaky women.

1) It Will Always End In Disaster

Love Disaster
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You may not see it now but as soon as she starts flipping out for no reason and distancing herself, just know the process has begun. Once she says she needs some space and doesn’t seem to get back to normal, she’s past redemption. If you’ve tried all you can and are still nowhere, just let it go. There’s only so much a man can endure.

2) She Doesn’t Have Feelings For You

Love Feelings
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Flaking isn’t so easy to read, in truth, but six out of ten times it means she’s just afraid of hurting your feelings without actually telling you. Women are only human, and are far more perceptive to emotions than men. Save for the once in a while jezebel, the average woman is afraid of hurting man’s feelings, so she’ll just cancel on you last minute instead.

3) She Simply Lost Interest

So you went to a bar, waited it out and decided to call her after a week? In bird culture, that’s what’s called a ‘dick move’. Unless you totally hit it off like what I imagine Angelina and Brad did (before the whole fiasco, that is), there’s little to no chance she’ll even remember you.

If you’re really interested, stop playing games, be a man and call her, otherwise, the message should be clear – ‘I have things to do, you’re not worth my time’.

It’s Not All Bad News

Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining if you’re bothered enough to look, the old saying goes. In the event of a major catastrophe like coming across a flaky woman, there’s nothing to be gained but at least you can learn something from it.

Lessons Learnt From Decades Of Dating Flaky Women

1) Be cool, but not too cool, because then you’re just cold. Don’t be overeager to show her how much you want her. Show her the opening act, create suspense and keep making her want more.

2) Once she’s flaked more than twice, get the memo. Move the hell on.

3) There’s great women out there. Don’t whine about how flaky she is (you were warned, after all), just keep playing the gentleman’s game.

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